Spinal Stenosis Treatment with Cox Spinal Decompression

by | Sep 18, 2016

In our clinic, we provide Spinal Stenosis treatment every day. Spinal Stenosis is a common, potentially debilitating source of back pain and/or leg pain caused by an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal, usually associated with degenerative conditions of the spine (such as osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease). People who suffer from this condition are typically adults over 60 years old, and experience pain in the lower back and/or legs, and typically have difficulty walking and standing (sitting is usually the most comfortable position).

Currently, there is no Spinal Stenosis cure and treatment of Spinal Stenosis can be difficult  to treat both conservatively, as well as surgically.

Fortunately, Cox Spinal Decompression Therapy has emerged as a highly effective, safe, non surgical and well researched treatment for Spinal Stenosis. In fact, Cox Technique can often provide dramatic relief when there are few other effective treatment options available.

 Goals of Spinal Stenosis Treatment

When providing spinal stenosis treatment, the goals are to:

  1. Safely restore normal flexibility to the spine
  2. increase space as much as possible within the spinal canal (where the spinal cord travels) and affected intervertebral foremen (where the nerves exit the spine)
  3. Increase the flexibility of the hips and upper back while strengthen the spine in a position that creates more space within the spinal canal and intervertebral foremen.

Here’s How Cox Technique  Works…

Cox Spinal Decompression therapy is performed using a specially engineered treatment table that gently pulls and stretches the spine.

With the patient lying face down on the table, the lower section of the table (the part of the table supporting the patients’ legs) can be slowly pulled down and away. This motion lengthens the spine, pulling the vertebrae away from each other.  This motion acts to open space in the spinal joints and take pressure off the spinal cord and nerve roots.  As the spine stretches the doctor is able to focus the decompression at the most affected level(s) by using a specific hand contact on the spine while the table is pulled away.

This focal pressure applied by the doctor makes Cox Therapy more effective than traditional and automated traction therapies or inversion devices which apply only a general traction, and do not provide feedback to doctor with respect to the health of the spinal joints.

Each decompression stretch is applied in a rhythmical push-pull action five or six times for a total of about 20 seconds.  This process is usually repeated three times.

Home stretches and exercises are also an important part of the treatment process, initially focusing on pain management, with stretching and strengthening exercises being added as pain and tolerance improve.  The goal of the exercise plan is to increase the flexibility of the hips and upper back to spare the low back, and to strengthen the spine in a position that creates more space within the spinal canal and intervertebral foramen.

Get Spinal Stenosis Treatment with Cox Spinal Decompression

To book an appointment to see if Cox Flexion-Distraction will be able to help with your problem, simply call our office at (902) 407-7207 or book an initial assessment using our online scheduling system by clicking here.  For more information on Cox Technique, please contact us via phone or email.




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